About Me

Howdy! My name is Katie, and I am the author “A Dash of Sugar.”

I graduated from Texas A&M University in 2009, and since then, I have really tried to embrace all of the things I am passionate about. I work in a medical office during the day, but my passions are running and baking. I absolutely LOVE to run– it is stress relieving, it makes me feel amazing, and it is a really great way for me to clear my head. It is also a time for me to think– of new recipes! It is no secret among my friends and family that I love food; I love exercising and living a healthy lifestyle, but I also love my desserts! And it is my belief that a dash of sugar never hurt anybody!

So as for me, I live a healthy and active life, and enjoy sweet treats every now and then! Baking is a way for me to share with the people I care about– I truly love making treats that my friends and family love! I am not a professional, and I certainly don’t claim to be, but I REALLY love to bake and I just want to share what I know about baking with as many people that feel like reading!

I hope that my blog will provide you all with yummy recipes to share with your friends and family, as well as some insight on how to enjoy these treats while living a healthy life! I have a lot of yummy sweet recipes, and I can’t wait to share them with you!

Feel free to ask me anything! You can comment here or email me at adashofsugarblog@gmail.com!



Friends 🙂

  1. tenbrokenbullets

    Hey there Katie,
    So I don’t mean to be a pest or anything but I’m seriously wondering how you got the facebook and twitter logo up at the top of your blog. I mean I love it, but I don’t know how you did it. I stayed up three hours trying to figure it out, but i’m still lost. Haha, what did you do? You can reply here and delete this comment when you feel like it since this comment has nothing to do with your blog, lol

    • Oh gosh no problem at all! I went to appearance–> theme options, and there was a place where I could enter my facebook and twitter URL if I wanted to, so I did. Once I entered them, they just showed up on my page! I hope that works for you!


      • tenbrokenbullets

        Thank you! It turns out my blog doesn’t give me that option but thankfully now I know!

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