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Not a recipe… WEIRD!


So as strange as this might seem, this is my first post that is NOT a recipe. Eek. It feels weird to me too! But I have taken a few days off of baking to finish all of the goodies I made last week (I realize I went a little crazy and made a ton of stuff) AND to exercise some of that baking off… my body is yelling at my for all that sugar!

But because I really wanted that this blog to be not only about baking, but about living healthy too, I thought I’d share some things that I have found helpful to my running and overall health this week!

1. Music is ESSENTIAL to working out…


At least it is for me… I LOVE IT!!! Running is the same escape that baking is for me… it is such an amazing time to really check out and not worry about anything, and music really makes it an even more amazing escape! Thanks to fellow blogger Brandon, and a concert I went to on Monday at the House of Blues, I have had some fun new music to run to… my two new favorite songs at the moment are…


                                                      1. Saviour- by Lights


                                                      2. Hey Mama- by Mat Kearney


If you are needing any inspiration to get moving, I swear these songs are so light and fun, you will have no problem getting up and going! Saviour is electronicky (not a word, I know) and light, it kind of makes you feel like you’re floating! And Hey Mama is SUPER cheerful and fun… I might dance around my room like a 5 year old when I hear it 🙂 They are both great songs… I suggest adding them to your workout playlist immediately.


2. Working out is SO much easier with friends…


While I prefer individual sports, like running and swimming, it is a whole lot easier to get motivated when you are going with friends! You know that you have to go because you don’t want to let your friend down, and you also have someone there to push you when it gets tough! And in this heat (Texas needs to cool down STAT), running outside can get extremely tough! Plus, you have someone to get dinner/drinks/dessert with afterwards!


3. Rewards are also essential…


Whether it’s having a yummy dessert, getting a fancy new pair of shoes, treating yourself to some cool new workout clothes, or buying a new movie that you’ve been dying to get, you should definitely reward yourself for your hard work! Obviously, I love to reward myself with baking new treats, but it doesn’t have to be that for you! If you’ve worked out really well for the past 2 weeks and you’ve been DYING for that pretty dress at Anthropolgie, or that cool new video game at Best Buy (trying to relate to the men haha), DO IT! You deserve it for your hard work 🙂


Well, those are my thoughts for the day! I hope if you needed some motivation to get up and get active, this helped! You might want to start the works outs ASAP too, because I have some YUMMY new recipes in the works, and I think you’ll want to make them (at least I hope so)!!!


Be on the lookout for new recipes here in the next few days… 🙂 I’ll give you a hint at what one of their main ingredients is– chocolate and hazelnut! I’m off to go run… and probably have a snickers cupcake afterwards! Enjoy the rest of your day 🙂