Vanilla Cupcakes: Picture Gallery!

Howdy yall! So due to my sisters less than appealing school colors, I felt it necessary to do some re-decorating of the Vanilla Cupcakes. While they are tasty enough to stand on their own, I thought I would decorate a few new cupcakes in a few different ways, just so you all have an idea of how to dress these classic cupcakes up! I went with simple but elegant decorations– just like the cupcakes! So here you are friends, a photo gallery:

Decorated Vanilla Cupcakes

Turquoise Sugar Crystal Sprinkles

Sweetened Coconut Flakes

Vanilla Cupcake with Butterceam Frosting

Sugar Pearls

Slivered Almonds

So as you can see, you can leave the cupcakes just frosted, or you can dress them up in simple ways to make them stand out! Either way, they will taste fantastic! I hope you all enjoy!

(I used a Wilton’s 1M decorating tip to frost all of the cupcakes.)




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